I remember being dragged to Marshall Fields by my Mom for the yearly tradition of sitting on Santa's lap, telling him what I wanted, and then getting my picture taken. Some of the pictures prove I was so not into it some years. Of course, it was a tradition. And you can start, or continue, that tradition with your family when Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa's Reindeer visit Light Up Liberty in Liberty Park.

Santa and his crew will be in town and happily posing for pictures with you at Light Up Liberty, in Liberty Park, on Friday, December 10 and, Saturday, December 18. He's only available for an hour on Friday the 10th, so if that's the night you want pictures I'd encourage you to sign up now. That said, he'll be around for a few hours on Saturday the 18th and there's plenty of spots still open.

As I mentioned, you do need to pre-register through the Sedalia Parks and Recreation website here, and there is a $10.00 fee. Santa, ya know, needs carrot money. He's got to keep those reindeer fed and healthy for his trip around the world on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Parks and Recreation will not be allowing walk-ups to participate in this event.

If pictures with Santa at Light Up Liberty aren't your thing, there are a variety of other ways Sedalia Parks and Recreation are working to help your family spend some time with the jolly old elf:

Click on the links above to learn more about each event and sign up. There is a registration fee associated with most of these events.

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