If you've done any swimming in the new pool at the Heckart Community Center you've probably seen the signs that cotton attire and jeans aren't allowed to be worn in the new indoor pool. And it's a fascinating reason.

Sedalia Parks and Recreation took to their Facebook page to explain the issue because many community center members were curious about the policy.

And there's a straightforward reason. The pool filter system in the new indoor pool works differently than the outdoor pools and the bottom line is there's a UV lightbulb in the new pool that attracts cotton and denim fibers which then clogs the pool filter. Additionally, the cotton could damage the UV lightbulb and other parts of the pool. That UV lightbulb isn't cheap either, it costs $3,000 to replace.

Sedalia Parks and Recreation suggests that if you want to wear a shirt into the pool you wear a dri-fit shirt.  I found a two-pack of Hanes Men's Sport Cool Dri Performance Tees on Amazon for under $20.00. Additionally Parks & Rec is looking for people to donate dri-fit shirts the Community Center can keep handy for anyone who may need one.

The post goes on to say bathing suits, board shorts and swim trunks, water shirts, a standard bikini, modesty swimwear (made of approved fabrics) and swim diapers are ok the Heckart Pool. Underwear, cotton t-shirts, cut-off jeans or any denim, workout attire including spandex shorts and sports bras, g-strings, and thongs are a no-go.

If you have any questions on what you can or can't wear in the new pool reach out to Sedalia Parks & Recreation on their Facebook page, or stop in and ask the Heckart Community Center. They'll happily help you out.

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