Well, guys, you probably saw the little blue bag in your mailbox last weekend, just like I did. I wanted to take a second though and really encourage you to think about donating some food or money to the Stamp Out Hunger Campaign this weekend.  Darren White with the Food Bank of West Central Missouri talked about how it works and how it's important for all of us to do our bit.

First, coming up this Saturday, the 14th is the Stamp out Hunger food drive.  Postal Carriers along with volunteers will be picking up food left out by the mailbox’s of residents on this day.  In 2019, the last time that this drive took place due to COVID, about 13,000 pounds of food was collected and $5,000 in monetary donations.  Don’t forget to set out some food or give a monetary donation on this day.

To me, this is a great win win situation.  You can go through your pantry and see if you've got anything you can donate, or you can just pick up a couple of extra things at the store.  I did a bit of both. I have some extra soup and noodles and whatnot in the pantry, and... well, I picked up some extra cookies at the store.  I know we're supposed to donate mostly healthy stuff, but dang, everybody deserves a cookie now and then.

So, please don't forget to grab that little blue bag, fill it up, and put it out by your mailbox. If you can't let go of any food (or if you don't have any non perishables), just put a check or a few dollars in the envelopes.  Darren and the Food Bank work wonders with just a dollar or two - we're talking pounds of food they can buy with a small amount of money.  And don't worry about the food not going to help those in town - that's exactly where it goes.  It helps people right here in Sedalia and Pettis County.

I've got mine filled, and I might pick up a couple more things (I do feel a little guilty about the cookies... maybe not?).  And thanks to all the volunteers that are going to help the Postal Service to pick up all the bags!

Baggingly yours,

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