This week, I said hello to an old friend of Sedalia, the guberburger or some spell it Gooberburger. I stick with the Guberburger. The Guberburger is a steak burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo and great creamy peanut butter and has been a Sedalia institution since the 1940s.

It has been a good long while since I tasted the Guberburger with our former morning host Rob Edwards and I know he, along with many of you, were super bummed when The Wheel Inn closed.

Shortly after the new version of Wheel Inn announced it's closure, some wondered if the tradition of the peanut butter on a hamburger tradition would continue.  A few places have it, but I had heard Kehde's BBQ has version of it, but you won't find it on the actual menu. It is hard to order this Sedalia tradition, when you're looking over mountains of barbeque, but I managed to ask my waitress about it and sure enough she was ready to order it for me and share other customers feelings on it.

The taste was the question that I had asked. Some claim it takes exactly like the old Wheel Inn and then others claim it does not. I made sure once the Guberburger made it to my plate to take a bite and I will claim it tastes very similar. It still amazes me how when I first had it years ago, I wondered how it would taste and then I came to enjoy having the creamy peanut butter linger around the taste buds and make the hamburger taste stick around even more. Delicious and different is how I'd most describe it. It is said that Jack Nicholson even took in a few at the old Wheel Inn location and if he came to Sedalia to try it, why not give it a whirl.

Perhaps the real big difference and perhaps what may throw the taste off a bit from the Wheel Inn is the fact I ordered Curly-Q fries with it and I can't resist the Kehde's BBQ sauce with it. So if you taste the burger and then dip the fries, it's going to have a different taste. Regardless, it is a nod to a Sedalia tradition and it's nice to see it is done by one of our own in John Kehde.

Cheers to Kehde's for taking me down memory lane. If you try it there, let me know what you think.




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