It may not seem like a big deal, but Kansas City's traffic cams called KC Scout, have been offline for the past day because they have been a victim of a cyberattack. This is according to a press release from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Here's why it's a bigger deal than it sounds.

In 2000 the Missouri and Kansas Department of Transportation came together and created what is known as KC Scout. It's a bi-state initiative to provide travel and traffic information and services for the Kansas City area. I'm mostly familiar with KC Scout for the ability to go on to their website and see what's going on in Kansas City area roadways through their network of traffic cams.

And yet KC Scout is a little bit more than just static traffic cameras whose video feeds into a website where you can go and see what the traffic is doing on different Kansas City area roads at any given time. Kansas City Scout also manages and runs the electronic message boards along the highways in the Kansas City area and their technology is a big part of providing real-time road conditions to those traveling in the Kansas City area.

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KC Scout says as soon as they were aware they were suffering a cyberattack, that they took immediate action to shut down all of their systems as a protective measure. This means all real-time cameras and information boards are not functioning.

KC Scout has started an investigation into the cyberattack, along with restoration efforts.

Information on traffic conditions will continue, however it will not be the real-time basis travelers have become accustomed to. Traveler information can be found on the Missouri Department of Transportation website or by calling 888-275-6636 or and 511.

With the potential for severe weather in the Kansas City area later today and throughout the weekend the Missouri and Kansas Departments of Transportation advise motorists to tune in to local radio stations to keep up with the latest weather conditions.

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