Here is your chance to see a concert in Missouri or Illinois for $25 without any added fees before taxes. So who can you see and what are the details?

I'm talking about Live Nation's Concert Week promotion. From May 9 - May 16 Live Nation is pricing select tickets to select shows at $25.00 a ticket including all fees before taxes. Some artists with the $25 all-in tickets include Fall Out Boy, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Sam Hunt, Boy George & Culture Club with Howard Jones and Berlin, Tears For Fears, Zac Brown Band, and more. This is according to Live Nation's concert week splash page.

Of course, just because an artist is listed as part of the Concert Week promotion doesn't mean the show or venue you want to see the show at will have the all-inclusive ticket offer. Their faq answers the question of whether it's limited to select venues the following way.

"No. Concert Week $25 tickets are available at a range of venues. Fans may view the full list of shows, beginning May 10th! Just visit and search for your desired venue."

Why is this important? Live Nation owns a lot of its own venues, in addition to its concert promotion business. For example, the big Live Nation venue in St. Louis is Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Near Chicago, they have a variety of venues including CU1 Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Huntington Bank Pavillion at Northerly Island, The Aragon Ballroom, The House of Blues (multiple locations including Chicago), and Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Yet in Missouri outside of Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, they don't have a lot of their own venues. So hopefully they've gotten some of the non-Live Nation-owned venues to come on board and sell some tickets at the Concert Week promotion price. Especially for those who'd prefer to go see a show in Kansas City vs. heading to St. Louis.

If the show you want to see is playing at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, you might also want to see if they have any ticket offers available. I noticed some ticket specials for seats toward the back of the venue being offered in four-packs for $79, and $99 dollars for three shows coming up in the next month. That would be Whiskey Meyers, Chicago, and Barenaked Ladies. Of course, this is a different offer than Live Nation's Concert Week, and I'd expect all fees to be applied to your ticket offer.

Here are some other details to know about Live Nation's Concert Week:

  • Expect tickets to a lot of shows to sell fast at the promotional ticket price, so I wouldn't sleep on buying tickets. In other words, if you really want to see the show for $25 bucks and you're good with the ticket offer, buy the tickets, there's a good chance they won't be available later.
  • There is a pre-sale on Tuesday, May 9 for Verizon customers and Rakuten members. So those folks can get access on the 9th. Hilton Honors members can use points to take advantage of the Concert Week promotion starting on Wednesday, May 10 when the deals go live to the public.
  • There are ticket limits, Live Nations says most shows are eight tickets, but some shows may have stricter limits. You can buy tickets for as many different shows as you want during the Concert Week Promotion, so no limit there.
  • Inventory for the available shows is limited so you need to look for 'Concert Week Promotion' as a ticket type. It looks like there will be a box to check to get the deal, and 'Concert Week Promotion' will also show up on the seat map. If you check the box, then go over and see the tickets show up at full price, Live Nation says that means there are no tickets available at the Concert Week Promotion price. They do say to check back, as it's possible more seats will be added at that price.

The bottom line. If a show you want to see has a $25 dollar ticket offer, and you're OK with where the seats are, by all means, do the deal. However, if you don't like where the seats are. Or if you have to travel to see the show, do your homework.

Think about whether or not you'll enjoy the show from where you're sitting. Or how going to a show in a city that requires some travel will impact your budget. You may find better value in paying for better tickets or paying face value to see the show closer to home.

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