As we all know, Fall is about pumpkins. With that being said, how about some fun for the kids by making some pumpkin guts slime. You may start realizing how much fun it used to be to sqush your fingers through this gooey stuff.

When you carve out your pumpkin to make that jack-o-lantern, save the guts so you can give the kids (or yourself) some more fun! You'll need a couple more ingredients to add  to the mixture-Elmer’s glue and liquid starch.

According to, it will provide a lot of entertainment for young and old. As with all food products, make sure you keep this slimy stuff refrigerated.

Not only does the site provide the instructions for making the pumpking guts slime but also some recipes for other pumpkin-related recipes for such stuff as treats for Fido, and for mom, the always useful pumpkin body scrub.

So if you're looking for something to do with the innards of that Halloween pumpkin other than using it as the main ingredient for your next pumpkin pie, try the slime recipe and see what happens!.

red hair kid in Halloween costume holding a orange pumpkin

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