Next month will be my 38th birthday.  I don't know that it's that big a deal, but apparently to ol Husbando, it is.He told me yesterday he's "planning" something for my birthday. Apparently we are leaving town for a couple of days on the weekend of the day itself. That's all he'll tell me. At least that's all he'll tell me for now, he's terrible at keeping secrets. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever it is, but I don't get why he's doing this NOW.

When you're a kid, your birthday is a huge deal.  Then you grow up, and your birthdays stop being exciting . . . they just remind you that you're getting OLD.  So this makes sense.

According to a new survey, the average person stops celebrating their birthday when they hit 31.  Yeah, maybe you'll let someone throw you a party for a big milestone like 40, 50, or 60 . . . but not anything in between.

Here are a few more results from the survey . . .

1.  People who were born in June, September, or October are the least likely to celebrate their birthdays.  People who were born in March or August are the most likely.


2.  The average adult gets eight cards and five presents for their birthday . . . and two out of three get a cake.


3.  The main reason people don't do anything to celebrate their birthday is . . . they don't want to spend the time organizing a party.


4.  And if you HAVE to do something for your birthday, the top things people want are a weekend trip, or a dinner out with their family.


So I guess I'm pretty standard, in the majority on these.  What about you?  Do you still celebrate your birthdays, or do you just ignore them?

Birthdayingly yours,

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