In my defense, I didn't see anything on the description that said anything about babies. I was recently doing some online shopping to treat myself a little.  Not too long after my wedding, I went ahead and chopped most of my hair off.  I needed it.  Feeling my hair on the back of my neck makes me crazy.

Anyway, I have curly hair, like my father.  It's just something I've dealt with; most of the time I used to straighten it out when my hair was longer.   It's always a struggle to fight frizz, and tangling, and blah blah blah.  So I was looking to see if I could find something that might be able to help; like maybe a new shampoo.

So when I saw this product that seemed neat and had good reviews, I thought, "Okay, what have I got to lose? I wonder why everyone's talking about someone else using the product....."

It's because they're talking about their CHILDREN.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

I'm a terrible photographer.  But Right THERE, above the "Curl Defining Jelly", is clearly written "For Babies and Children".  I did not notice that until after I had bought the product, had it shipped to my house, and then used it on my hair.

Because I'm... observant?  I guess not, after all.

But the thing is, I'm kinda liking it!  I've actually gotten a couple of compliments on my hair in the last couple of days from at least three people.  So maybe baby shampoo is the way to go after all!

Really, though, I should have gotten the tip off from the name - "Born Curly"... born.  Like, just born.  Babies.  SMH.  I really kinda feel stupid on this one.

Observantly yours,



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