I remember having long talks with people when I was young. You know the kind of conversations you have in your twenties at three o clock in the morning.

And inevitably the conversation would lead away from girls or boys or school or crappy retail jobs into bigger, more aspirational topics.  Charity and altruism would often come up, but big dreams were more at the forefront.  I remember a friend of mine, when we would have these conversations after we opened one too many bottles of Boone's Farm, would always lead to stuff we wanted to do just because.  You know, not things that we needed to do for our careers or our families or our health, but just because we wanted to.  One thing he said he always wanted to do was learn to fly a helicopter.  He was studying to be a safety engineer (admittedly that was probably his fifth major change), so it wasn't like he was going to need to learn to fly a helicopter for his job.  He just wanted to, you know?

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But neither of us were very aware of any place close by that could teach you how to fly.  I don't think UCM's aviation school let randos like us take lessons back in the day.  BUT NOW, now you can learn to fly down in Warsaw! It's called the Icarus flight school.  You can do a few different paths - Private Pilot license, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor, or Certified Flight Instructor Instrument.

Now you've gotta be serious if you wanna do this, because the rates can be a bit high, but if you're down, and you have the scratch, it might be worth it.  Or if you're like me and just wanna get in a helicopter, they have scenic tours, too, which could be cool.

What's something that's on your bucket list?  Would you want to learn to fly?

Helicopteringly yours,


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