A couple of days ago I asked the question: What are the best places to take bored visitors around Sedalia? And man, some of you certainly don't think much of the different things people can do in town.

What are the best places to take bored visitors around Sedalia?

There were some folks who answered the question I posed seriously.

Like Teri Schilb:

Liberty Park & fishing, Trails End, check out the architecture on the fairgrounds, Antique stores, local sports games. Katy Depot, Bothwell Lodge tour, picnic, and trails, Bothwell Hotel, Sedalia Symphony Orchestra if the timing is right, Scott Joplin mural, and on and on and on.

And Wendy Burch:

Katy depot has a little museum. Drum art of the sfcc campus.
Tour bothwell lodge (go to the park website days and times are limited).
If outdoor people knob state park has trails.
And many others had some good suggestions as well. But there were also plenty of other snarky, silly, and sarcastic answers as well. Such as the woman who just had to laugh because she couldn't think of anything for bored folks to do. Or goofy suggestions like admiring Menards Mountain, also known as Mount Trashmore.
Truthfully, not everyone's going to enjoy staying or visiting Sedalia. Or any small town for that matter. Your sister that took off for a life in Chicago, St. Louis, or Kansas City and her kids probably won't be too excited about spending the holidays in Sedalia. Then again, we all probably know someone in town who absolutely hates going into the big city for anything.
One thing is for certain. Read between the sarcastic comments and silly answers and you'll find there are certainly some things to do in Sedalia if you're bored. Read on for the good, the bad, and the silly.


Is Sedalia Really This Boring, Or Are We Just Cynical?

I recently asked what are the best places to take bored visitors around Sedalia. There were some seriously good ideas about where you could take bored visitors. But just as many sarcastic, somewhat negative comments. Sure, Sedalia isn't a bustling metropolis like Kansas City. But it's still a generally nice small town. Read on and judge are we really this boring, or just cynical about what our town has to offer.

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