The next time you hear Steve Perry start crooning about that midnight train goin' anywhere and you feel like lunging for the radio dial because you've already heard Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' more times than you can count, turn it up instead. You just might save a life.

OK, so that's pretty unlikely. But it could happen -- just ask the partygoers who unwittingly inspired a California man to swim to safety after a series of nautical misfortunes left him stranded in the ocean with a shattered leg and a broken hip.

ABC News Radio reports on the bizarre, painful and ultimately somewhat inspirational ordeal suffered by Brad Warren, who was fishing off the coast of Hawaii when a wave hit the boat, capsizing it and leaving him injured. "I tilted my head back to get another last breath of air and a swell pushed the boat, and I took a big gulp of water and started going down," the 54-year-old Warren said from his hospital bed. "It was scary."

Warren and his companions were ultimately in the water for more than four hours, but when his friend's 10-year-old son heard Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' being blared from a party on the shore in the distance, he knew it was all going to be OK. Between that song and a shooting star in the night sky, he recalled, "I thought that was the Lord saying, 'You will be fine.'"

The group eventually made it to shore, where some of the same partygoers whose choice of music helped push Warren on ended up coming to their aid. "We were so relieved," he recalled. "My wife, my daughters, I wanted to make sure I made it to see them."

Journey, 'Don't Stop Believin''

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