Between 2013 and 2018 there were 22 accidents at the intersection of Route 50 and Route 127 in LaMont. All of those accidents involved one or more residents who lived within 30 miles of this intersection. In an effort to reduce the number and severity of crashes MODot is proposing the use of J turn intersections at that corner.

What's a J turn intersection? It just so happens the Indiana Department of Transportation has a time lapse video you can check out.

According to MODot the use of J Turns can decrease the number of crashes by 25% and fatal crashes by 88%. MODot goes on to say:

 J-turns were used on Highway 50 and Route 58 three years ago, a similar intersection that had 31 crashes from 2010 to 2014. Since J-turns were installed in 2015, there have been 6 total crashes (no fatal or disabling injuries), which is a 77% overall crash reduction.


J-turns were also used on Highway 50 and MO 131 in 2017. Since the installation of the J-turn, there have been 3 total crashes (all rear ends, no fatal or disabling injuries), which is a 75% overall crash reduction.

The project is currently in it's conceptual stage and MODot plans to do the work in 2022. Cost is $2 million dollars and will be funded by state and federal money. You can learn more about improvements at Roue 50 and Route 127 and comment on them here.

As someone who travels Route 50 daily between Sedalia and Warrensburg I'm solidly behind any plan that'll help my drive safer.

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