When I was a kid, for some reason I managed to get a hold of a copy of the movie "Penn and Teller Get Killed".  It was not for kids, but I watched it anyway.  And I am not exaggerating when I tell you I LOVED that movie. It joined the three or four movies I would watch regularly in rotation.  In fact, I've kind of followed Penn and Teller since.  I saw their magic show in Las Vegas with a friend of mine what, fifteen years ago? Something like that.  It was so cool, and we got to shake hands with them afterwards!

They're known for exposing magicians who use their skills to cheaply fool people.  And people who take advantage of others with magic.  So they have a TV show, which you've probably seen or at least heard of, called "Penn and Teller's Fool Us".  It's a great show where magicians come on, do their trick/routine, and Penn and Teller try to figure out how they did the trick.  If they don't get it right, you get an award for being a "fooler".   And it's hard to fool them, they've been doing this for ages.  It's very hard to get on the show, only the best of the best get through, and not all of them get to be on television.  So imagine my surprise when I saw that one of those very magicians is coming right here to Sedalia! His name is Scott Green.  Here's his appearance on the show:

Lots of egg puns, Alison was a little nervous, and they really liked his routine!  And now, you can see Scott for yourself at the Liberty Center.  He's coming July 31st for an evening show and then they're also having a Matinee the next day. The tickets aren't expensive, and there are discounts for military, students, seniors, and kids. You can get tickets here.

It should be a fun show to check out before the madness of the Fair hits. Maybe he'll fool a few of us, too!

Magically yours,

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