I'll be honest, when I think of Kansas I don't think of Kansas City, Kansas. That's where I get off the highway and turn around when I miss the exit heading to Knuckleheads. Or that's out more or less in the vague direction of where they run the Nascar races or the old Sandstone, now Azura, Amphitheatre.

Well, developers are banking that both Kansas and Missouri residents will make tracks to Destination KCK. What is destination KCK? The biggest part you probably have already heard about, the Mattel Adventure Park. However, Destination KCK aims to be much more for kids and kids at heart to enjoy than rides and attractions based on Barbie, Hot Wheels, He-Man, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

No, developers say Destination KCK will be a spectacular new world where folks can experience yearlong attractions, rides, and hotels. The development will also feature multiple themed areas, a mix of hospitality, retail, and more.

Destination KCK
Destination KCK

According to a press release published by Amusement Today, highlights of the resort will include "A luxurious RV Park Resort, a charming Christmas Village and picturesque lakeside hotels, one of which centers around the highly anticipated Mattel Adventure Park."

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KSHB reports that the developers want to create a district at North 118th Street and State Avenue in Bonner Springs, near the Azura Amphitheatre and Kansas Speedway. I believe new development out that way could attract more acts to play the Amphitheatre, and while I don't think it would change what NASCAR is running at the track, it could make it a more popular race destination.

Maybe it's me, but the whole concept has this somewhat cheesy vibe to it. Don't get me wrong, it could be great fun. And if it materializes, yes I will check it out for myself. But the whole thing gives me this touristy-trap vibe, the same vibe I get when I think of Branson.

If the Mattel Adventure Park is built with three hotels, six waterfront-themed restaurants, specialty stores, a rainforest attraction, and more, could you see Bonner Springs or Kansas City, Kansas embrace becoming another tourist mecca? Could you see those touristy type attractions and shows that help make Branson what it is pop up right across our border?

Maybe or maybe not, but it could just be cheesy enough to make the Kansas City, Kansas area more than the place you go to NASCAR races, the occasional concert, and the place you turn around when you miss your exit on the highway.

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