If you've ever wanted to enjoy cocktails with Taylor Swift, you don't have a lot of options. I suppose you could belly up to the bar the next time she performs at Arrowhead Stadium or T-Mobile Center, that's kinda like cocktails with Taylor. You might also try to ingratiate yourself with the Kelce family, they seem like they know how to have fun.  That doesn't seem all that likely, though. However, there is one way many of us can enjoy cocktails with Taylor Swift, sort of.

Vignettes, at 2576 Armour Road in North Kansas City is putting something together that Taylor Swift fans will love. They're calling it, "The Tortured Pop Up Department: A TSwizzle Tribute" from May 3 through July 6. It's Vignette's next pop-up destination.

Vignettes is no stranger to the pop up bar either. Currently they're running their "Assistant to the Regional Pop-Up Bar"  It's a themed bar based on the television show "The Office". At this pop-up experience, they're offering Kevin's Famous Chili Old Fashioned, something called Meredith's Liquor Drawer, and even the sweet taste of 2:45.

According to the Vignettes website, they also did the Kingdom's Greetings Holiday Pop-Up Bar at Arrowhead Stadium, as well as The Rocky Horror Pop-Up Bar, SpongeBar, Drinks and Recreation, and they've even paid tribute to Taylor Swift before with the TSwizzle Tribute Bar.

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Vignette's reservation form on Open Table describes "The Tortured Pop-Up Department" (named after Taylor's next album, "The Tortured Poets Department") like this. "This pop up experience will run from May 3rd til July 6 and feature iconic photo ops, live music Friday, Saturday, awesome craft cocktails like the Just Another Cocktail to Burn, Champagne Pomblems, and Beerdrops On My Guitar!"

Vignettes is adults only, 21 and up on Friday and Saturday, however for families that think this would be a cool experience, Sunday is open to all ages. Reservations for "The Tortured Pop-Up Department" are $5.75 per person prepaid, and the table you reserve is good for a 90-minute window. Those who'd like to stay longer are asked to talk to their server and the bar will see if they can accommodate you. Additionally, as an add-on for $10.00, you can build your own friendship bracelet.

For more on this pop-up bar, or to make a reservation click here.

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