With this gig, you are often involved in music and concerts and all that jazz.  So from time to time, people ask me, "Have you met any famous people?"  The answer is yes. But you never know if you're going to catch a famous person in a good mood when you  meet them, that's the thing. Just like you, they might be having a bad day or be nervous before a concert or show and could take it out on you.  But most of the time, my experiences with famous people who have come through town or through Missouri has been positive.

When I met Lee Brice (a country singer) for example, he was sweet as pie.  I didn't have anything for him to sign, so he just signed the hat I was wearing that day.  Dave Atell (stand up comedian) was also very sweet and made jokes the entire time.

Most of the time when I've met a famous person, it's been because they came to the Missouri State Fair.  Ray Scott (country singer) was totally nice and offered me a beer in his air conditioned tour bus.  The lead singer of Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rodney Justo, was a complete and total doll.  We did a meet and greet with him and he talked to us for easily twenty or thirty minutes.  He was full of stories and really didn't look put out at all to be talking to three strangers right before a show.

But.  But.  For every good encounter you're bound to have a few bad ones.  I won't name names, but there's a certain country singer who came through town a few years ago who was literally three sheets to the wind the entire time we met. Like, barely coherent, he was so drunk. Another time I met one of the Disney channel girls (don't remember which one, you probably wouldn't either) for like five seconds and she managed to make fun of my hair.  I attended another meet and greet where another country singer didn't even look at me as he signed a poster of a movie he was in.  In fact, he kinda shoved it back to me when he was done.  Rude.

Lewis Black (stand up comedian) was not so nice, but that might have been because I was literally in the front row of his show and fell asleep.  So he was justified in giving me the stink eye, overall.  IN MY DEFENSE, I had been up for over 24 hours (college job), it was super late, and I had like, two Heinekens.  At one point I dropped it because I was falling asleep and he totally saw.  But he was doing material I had heard before!  I think I deserve a little slack for that.

Have you ever met a famous person? Was it a good or bad experience? Who would you like to meet in the future?

Famously yours,

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