Here it is, the day you thought would never arrive. Isn't it amazing how long it seems to take to get to Friday but how short the weekend seems to be? On this day you must decide. What beverage creation is your go-to first thing in the morning.  Whether it be a steaming cup of Joe black with the various mix-ins, a cup of well-steeped green or black tea, a tall glass of freshly squeezed O.J. (yeah, we wish) or a cold glass of milk, what do you turn to after your sleepy head leaves the pillow and your eyes finally adjust to the sunlight filtering into your favorite snooze room?

Some will take a more traditional route and gulp down a big glass of water first thing to get their day going. It may be standing by the blender or juicer, meticulously preparing a healthy concoction of greens, fruit, and who knows what else for your early morning. Others may go straight to the refrigerator to twist open that 2-liter bottle of their favorite soft drink.

For me, getting up at 4 am Monday-Friday, I definitely need coffee to get me up and going. It's a cup of black coffee at home from the Keurig. Now this is just the beginning of the wake-up juice.

From there when I get to the radio station, just a little before 5 am, it's the ol' Newco commercial coffeemaker. You've probably seen these in most of your restaurants and coffee shops. That's right, we're ranked right up there with your morning java stop. We don't mess around!

Whatever your morning drink of choice may be, enjoy it, and make this day the best ever!

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