Many of us at the station are big movie buffs.  There have been many conversations about various films that are classics that have stood the test of time in various categories.  The National Film Registry for 2022, has added 25 films to their registry and many of them are so good, that 25 years from now, they will still be that good.

Here are some of the biggest films on the list:

When Harry Met Sally

Yes, the rom-com with one of the best one-liners of all time, "I'll Have What She's Having" is still funny.  By the way, director Rob Reiner's mother is the one who delivers that famous line.

Iron Man

The first of the Marvel Universe films.  If it failed, how would the movie landscape be different today? Robert Downey Jr is perfectly cast as Tony Stark.

The Little Mermaid - 1989

An amazing animated film from Disney.  One of their best.  Became a stage musical as well.  Your kids love this film, don't they?


One of the best horror films of all time.  Stephen King wrote quite a story, and it featured a great performance by Sissy Spacek.  Brian DePalma directed a classic.


I enjoyed the remake as well, but you have to give credit to John Waters.  This version of the story about teenagers in Baltimore, starring Ricki Lake, Debbie Harry, Jerry Stiller, Sonny Bono and Divine. The film would go on to become a successful Broadway musical.


Film royalty in this one.  Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.  The only film they would ever do together.  Hard to believe this was made in 1963.

Here are the list of the rest of the films that made the cut:

“Cab Calloway Home Movies” (1948-1951),  "Cyrano de Bergerac" (1950)  Scorpio Rising (1963), “Titicut Follies” (1967), “Mingus” (1968), “Manzanar” (1971), “Betty Tells Her Story” (1972), “Super Fly” (1972), “Attica” (1974), “Union Maids” (1076), “Bush Mama” (1999), “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez” (1982), “Itam Hakim, Hoplit” (1984), “Tongues Untied” (1989), and “House Party” (1990).

You can get more details HERE.  Have you seen any of these films? Is there a film that you think deserve to be on this list? Share your thoughts.

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