I tried something different this weekend. I made a pizza with a different kind of crust. I guess it's safe to say I'm not a big fan of it, and I won't be ordering it anymore!

I was on a "diet" earlier this year where I was cutting out a lot ot carbs in my life. With the supplement I was taking, I did drop about 15 lbs. In the process I was definitely cutting out the "good stuff" day in and day out. You know, the "good stuff"...anything with refined sugar along with products that had enriched flour in it. In other words I was eating sticks and rocks. No, not really!

Anyway, one of the products I ordered as an alternative for pizza crust (I love my pizza!) was something I'd seen online-Cauliflower Crust. Hmmm. Now I like the vegetable raw and cooked/steamed so I thought, why not?

What's the old saying..."learn from your mistakes?" Well, for me, it was definitely a mistake. I'm sorry Mr Cauliflower Crust pizza maker. It ain't gonna happen again.

What's the prophetic words that were utted by Gomer Pyle?..."Fool me once, shame on you...shame me twice, shame on me!"

By the way, I've got the numbers to three pizze delivery places in town and I checked. Thank goodness they don't use that Cauliflower crust!

Beau Matthews
Beau Matthews

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