Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter posted a long message on Facebook updating Warrensburg residents and supporters on the state of the shelter and what they're trying to do to save it and the animals in their care.

At the Warrensburg City Council meeting on August 10 the Council heard ideas from Finance Director Marcella McCoy on how to plug an almost one million dollar deficit in the City's budget. Of the four ideas presented by McCoy three would impact the shelter and two would close the shelter. You can read more about that here.

In the post the animal shelter says the City is looking for a partnership with a private organization or owner to help cover the costs of the shelter. If that isn't found the shelter will likely be shut down on October 1. The shelter also says the City is aware of the good work the shelter does and would like to continue to provide a safe place for animals in need in Warrensburg.

The shelter is working in the short term is to find some way to keep the doors open during a transition period where it can keep providing services while it finds that more permanent transition. Aside from Acting Shelter Manager Kayla Frank and her small staff trying to do that with committed Warrensburg residents the shelter is also trying to address some immediate needs:

  • They're trying to empty the shelter by Ocotober 1 in case there is no transition and the shelter closes. They're trying to do this by placing animals with other rescue groups or through adoptions.
  • They need volunteers so the small staff can get some time to rest. They're looking for daily volunteers at various different times throughout the week.
  •  They're accepting donations through the Warrensburg Cat Advocates Facebook page. You can access this here.

If you'd like to get involved in volunteering at the shelter or working to help save the shelter please contact Acting Shelter Director Kayla Frank at kayla.frank@warrensburg-mo.com.

Earlier in the week I shared my personal opinion on the potential shelter closure here. But after reading this and thinking about the problem some more. I have some more thoughts and questions on the matter:

  • If the shelter is costing this much to run, doesn't that indicate we have some sort of stray/unwanted animal problem in Warrensburg? If so, how can the City just decide animal services isn't worth the money?
  • If the City likes the job the shelter is doing and wants to keep the service, than why not just take the closure off the table? Perhaps, the shelter is being nice and not trying to tick off the Council with that comment. But if it's true, then the City should figure something else out.
  • I'd like for no-one employed by Warrensburg to lose their jobs, or for no City services to be cut. But if we're a million bucks in the red. Jobs are going to be cut. And services will have to be cut. Why can't that pain be more equally shared by the different services and employees? Not significantly shouldered by the elimination of one service.

The best way to save the shelter, tell your City Council member to NOT vote for it's elimination. And take some time every week to volunteer a few hours to work with the shelter, or get yourself involved by donating some money or time helping the shelter raise some money.

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