In Texas, a "reckless driver" who rammed two parked cars in a Walmart parking lot has been apprehended, but authorities were shocked to learn that the bad driver was actually a dog.

Officers from the Kilgore Police Department shared details in a Facebook post, explaining the lawbreaker became restless while its owners shopped.

Investigators believe the "antsy" dog "bounced around the cab, setting the truck in motion."

According to the Facebook update, one of the victims "saw the suspect barreling toward him but was unable to get out of the way."

Police also noted that the vehicle's steering column had "some prior damage," and it's believed the dog's leash may have released the parking brake when the pup accidentally put the "vehicle in drive."

"It doesn't sound feasible, but an eyewitness saw the pooch behind the wheel just before the crash. He certainly has a guilty look on his face," Kilgore Police joked om Facebook.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident.

The Facebook post has garnered a lot of attention, with many sharing their cheeky responses in the comments.

"Poor pup must have been so scared! Glad no one was hurt! BTW, did yall write the pup a citation? Cause I would keep over laughing at a judge's reaction to a four-legged fur baby showing up in traffic court," someone joked.

"Deny, deny, deny, demand proof, make counter-accusations," another wrote.

"I have seen dogs honk the horn impatiently, waiting on their owners, and mine could operate the power windows and locks…so putting it in gear? Probably doable," someone else commented.

"He was done with Walmart…Time to go," another user teased.

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