The Sedalia Kiwanis Club works with kids all over our area. One way to do that is to reach out to young people who want to help. We're working to help end tetanus through the Eliminate Project, doing needed community service projects through Kiwanis One Day, and organizing fun, safe events for kids to get together and play games, such as our Kids Day in the Park. Sacred Heart here in Sedalia has organized and chartered their very own Key Club. They've already got service project ideas (they're doing a book drive right now to help promote literacy) and a lot of keen members. They are planning on leading their community to serve their school and Sedalia.

The new members of the Key Club are:

Riley Michaud

Morgan McKeon

Summer Caton

Nolan Walker

Bryan Schlotterbeck

Brian Oster

Easton Webb

Cody Damlo

Hunter Deresinski

Miranda Belles

Alexa Gutierrez

Andrea Pacheco

Annalise Mergen

Abby Smeltzer

Sadie Rollings

Andy Bautista

Brian Sierra

Zoe Volcko

Diana Granados

And they had cake! Who doesn't love cake?!

Robert Milner
Robert Milner

Congratulations to these wonderful, altruistic teens looking for ways to reach out for the kids of Pettis County! You guys are the future of our area and it looks good.

Kiwanisly yours,


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