Last year, the Sedalia Parks and Recreation decided to try a new contest.

Basically you just had to put up and decorate a scarecrow in your yard. I know it's not Spooky Time quite yet, but the Parks and Rec have announced they're bringing it back so you can start your planning and scheming now.

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Some of ya'll have the itch and you have it now.  So, what can you do, other than put your giant spider on your roof again? You can make a scarecrow!  And, you can do it as a way to bond with your community.  How can you do that, gentle reader? With the Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department's 2nd Annual Scarecrow Contest!  Here's how it works, according to their Facebook page:

This is a family-friendly contest. Bloody or violent themes are not allowed, nor are advertising, political or religious statements. Sedalia Parks and Recreation has the right to disqualify any entry.   Scarecrows must be handmade. Display needs to be able to handle the weather. Feel free to use props like straw bales, corn stalks, etc. Power for moving parts is allowed.

You do have to register, so they know you're doing the contest and not just doing normal decorations like you do every year.  Now don't get out of line, keep it family friendly, like they said.  So you can be creative, but no gross gore or political stuff or religious stuff and no, you know advertising or anything. You can totally use your creative vibes on the rest of it though.  Your guy has got to survive the weather and be hand made, but you totally use props, hay bales, and if you're super handy, motion.

Voting will be done Oct. 17-20th with a panel of judges. All scarecrows will be featured on the Sedalia Parks and Rec Facebook page. Winners will be notified by Oct. 21. Winners will be announced in each category: scariest, most original, kid’s choice, and most creative. All winners will receive a yard sign to display and a gift card to a local business of their choice.

You've got to get your guy up by October 14th, they're gonna judge that next week, and then they'll announce the winner, like we said, on the 21st.  I'm definitely interested in seeing what you guys will get up to with your scarecrows!

Scarily yours,

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