Sure, you've got the classics. Of course, you've got "Thriller", "Somebody's Watching Me", "Monster Mash", all the Halloween classics.  And your friend probably has the Halloween soundtrack, and maybe somebody even thought to bring their depressing - yet appropriately creepy - lo fi playlist.

But for your Halloween... you don't want to retread the classics this year.  This year.... it's going to be a little different.

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So, to help you in that goal, I have some songs that I'd like to humbly suggest you add to  your Halloween playlist.


1.  Hocus Pocus Soundtrack - I Put a Spell On You

Of course, everyone loves the Hocus Pocus movie. But sometimes, you forget that Bette Midler is a Grammy winning singer. She started out focusing more on the performance part, and I remember my parents having a copy of The Divine Miss M.

2.  Alice Cooper - Cold Ethyl

The thing with Alice Cooper is, you can't take him too seriously. This dude has a wicked sense of humor, and has openly admitted that a lot of his seventies shock stuff was just that, shock. Just to get a rise out of you, you know? That's definitely what this song is, although it's a lot of fun. Well. As much as a song about having adult relations with the dead can be, that is.

"You'll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven
Cause you're cool, you're ice"

3.  Whodini - The Freaks Come Out At Night

You might not remember the name Whodini, but they were contemporaries with groups like The Fat Boyz, Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash. So this is definitely in that "old school" rap vibe of the early eighties, where everyone was still working clean.
4.  Louis Armstrong - Skeleton  In the Closet.

This one is just fun. If you want somewhat silly older songs that aren't "Monster Mash", you've got a gold one here.

4.   Night Prowler - AC/DC

This one is one that the group CLAIMS isn't meant to be scary. It's meant to be a song about sneaking out and getting into lowkey, teenage trouble. But... it is very, very closely associated by a lot of people with Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. And nobody wants to invite someone like that to the party, so bring the song instead.

6.  Leadbelly - Gallis Pole

Leadbelly has a lot of songs that could be misinterprted as creepy, since he recorded back in the olden times, and the technology sounds scratchy and distant. But this song, this one is actually creepy! He's about to get hung, and he needs someone to pay the man so he doesn't die....but that doesn't turn out great for him.

7.  The Ramones - Pet Semetary

This one was written by Dee Dee Ramone for the movie. Of course, he had to read the book first, and legend has it that he wrote the song in less than an hour after taking an afternoon to read the book.


Honorary  mention:

This one I put in here just because I personally like it. I miss 30 Rock, it was such a great show. And this song was just a perfect addition.

What always has to go on your Halloween Playlist? Will you add or remove some songs this year? Tell me all about it!

Spookily yours,

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