The Sedalia Police Department has seen an increase in thefts from vehicles and burglaries at local businesses recently. Here's how you can keep your stuff safe according to the Sedalia Police Department.

In a note posted on their Facebook Page, the Sedalia Police Department says, the suspects involved in these thefts are consistently locating unlocked vehicles to steal items and are also forcing their way into businesses through breaking doors and windows. While officers are actively working on the case, Sedalia PD wants to remind residents and business owners they can help make it more difficult for thieves by doing the following:

  • Lock your vehicles, and make sure they're locked before you go to bed.
  • Don't leave valuable items like money, electronics or firearms in your vehicle. Take them with you.
  • Make sure your security cameras, alarms, and motion-activated lights are in working order.
  • And if you're a business, make sure money and valuable items are hidden well, properly secured, or removed from the premises when closing up for the day.

Heeding these tips will probably help you hold on to your stuff. I mean, even if you don't have anything of significant value, sometimes if your doors are unlocked a thief will still go through your car trying to find something. And second, let's make it hard on this person or the people perpetrating these crimes. I like to think if I do the easy things suggested by the police department, it's making it a little harder on the person or people committing these crimes. And that makes me feel a little better.

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