I imagine this has come up before for many of us and it's bound to happen again. You're not part of the office staff where you work so when hours are adjusted for that select group of individuals should you be included? I happened to me at my present location a couple of years ago.

First off, let me say...come on right is right! When this took place the office staff here at Townsquare Media/Sedalia didn't come in until noon. I came in to perform my duties, so should I have gotten a 1/2 day compensation for braving the elements and coming in early to do my shift while my counterparts were snoozing away?

On that particular morning we had snow and early morning ice. I understood that most schools were cancelled, and that some businesses were choosing a delayed start. But what if you were to come into work and found after you had been there for a couple of hours that your boss told the rest of the staff they didn't need to come in until noon?

For me I felt that I should have been given a 1/2 day off since I made the effort to come in and do my job. Asking too much? Or in a situation like this one, should you suck it up and realize it's part of the deal and just live with it? I mean, my alarm went off at 3:55 a.m. ( Yes, your alarm does actually work at that time of the morning!) I could have slept in and enjoyed a little more off time before I had to head into the station.

What do you think?

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