Apparently, Patrick Mahomes and the magic the Kansas City Chiefs dish out every week isn't enough to sway everyone to cheer them on to the Super Bowl, and then a Super Bowl victory.

A new report from a betting website did a Twitter study using geo-tagged data revealed the team every state is rooting for on Sunday. And the team that has the most states rooting for it: the Cincinnati Bengals. This is according to a story published by 13 KRCG television.

Really? I find it hard to believe Illinois would root for the Bengals. Cincinnati is an afterthought, at least in Chicago. And Utah and Colorado? I'm surprised Colorado would choose the Bengals over the Chiefs. And Utah, shouldn't they be rooting for the Rams or 49ers?

That said, it's all about the details. The Bengals are tops in 19 states. The Chiefs in 16 states. Of course, the Bengals dominate in some of those small tiny New England States. While the Chiefs take the Dakotas and most of the middle of the country including Texas. And there could actually be more people in some of those New England states than inhabit the Dakotas or Wyoming. And I know from experience parts of Texas are just ranches, cattle, and tumbleweeds. So it's plausible the Bengals are more popular.

Those other two teams playing this weekend are the Rams and 49ers. And they're not nearly as popular as the Bengals and Chiefs. According to the data the betting website collected, the Rams are tops in nine states and the 49ers in six states. That's not nearly as surprising as the Bengals being more popular than the Chiefs though.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. And Sunday's victory proves it in my mind. This Chiefs team is special. Fun to watch. And in my opinion, are a likable bunch of people. From Mahomes to Coach Andry Reid and everyone in between I find it hard not to like them. I want them to win. And I wouldn't call myself a big football fan. Yet, week after week I'm watching them to see what magic they come up with.

Of course, if Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have spent three years giving your team fits, then maybe the bandwagon is just too high to jump on. Or maybe, some just think the Chiefs are more lucky than good. Or just would like to see the Chiefs choke on their success.

Thankfully for the Chiefs Kingdom, these guys are lucky and good. You bet I'll be watching for the magic Sunday at 2:00 PM CST.

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