The Kansas City Chiefs unveiled their plans to take over the entire Truman Sports Complex with a reimagined Arrowhead Stadium for the next generation. Some cool changes are coming, but I just haven't decided if they are epic fantastic changes, or whether I'm left here asking, is that it?

The team laid out their renovation plans on the Chiefs website. They write, "This extensive renovation will ensure that the home of the four-time Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs – and the world-class fan experience the stadium offers – maintains its position for decades to come as one of the preeminent sports and entertainment destinations around the globe."

Renovations include a new upper concourse connection bridge letting fans on that level walk around the entire upper level of the stadium. A new canopy for the upper concourse will provide weather protection for those on the concourse and will include fans to keep it cool in warm weather and infrared heaters to make it warmer in cold weather. This project will also provide new space for food and beverage sales.

Traditional concession stands will be converted to modern grab-and-go markets throughout the general concourses, increasing the speed of service and reducing wait times. Additionally, the team will build new concession stands, retail spaces, and restrooms-- which will once again make it easier to buy stuff and hopefully reduce wait times at the restrooms.

The team will also renovate all the suites and the club lounge with the latest in technology, fixtures, and furniture.

Speaking of technology Arrowhead's iconic video boards will be increased in size while keeping their iconic shape, new LED ribbon boards will be installed, and the team will improve and upgrade TVs, Wi-FI, and the stadium's audio system to enhance fan connectivity and improve the clarity and quality of the game presentation in the stadium.

The Chiefs also propose using the site Kauffman Stadium sits on for expanded parking along with a new turf-covered activation zone with a tailgate area and a covered entertainment space. The team says this will be used not only on gameday but also for year-round community activities.

When it comes to parking and tailgating, in addition to using some of the Kauffman Stadium site for parking, the Chiefs want to add a parking deck on the south side of the stadium while reorienting the rest of the parking lots to improve pedestrian flow and improve the tailgating experience.

Additionally, the team wants to expand the RV parking lot, create a dedicated rideshare zone, and build three new pedestrian bridges to carry fans walking to the stadium over traffic coming in or exiting the sports complex.

There will also be VIP stadium entry points which will lead to all new spaces in the stadium and decrease fan traffic and congestion at general admission gates. Speaking of VIPs, the new Arrowhead Stadium will include new end-zone clubs and suites and new sideline clubs.

That is a lot of change. I'm still getting over the fact that the Royals won't be at the sports complex and that Kauffman will end up meeting the wrecking ball. Yet, as I read through everything the Chiefs want to do, I'm left asking is this Kansas City's 21st Century version of Arrowhead Stadium?

I don't know what I expected the Chiefs to unveil. They're doing what you do when you own a business and want to update a 50-year-old stadium. Those of us in the upper reaches of Arrowhead get a remodeled and more sheltered concourse and a better tailgate experience. The VIPs and big spenders get new facilities to enjoy the game. And everyone hopefully will spend less time waiting to use the bathrooms or to pick up an overpriced foot-long hotdog.

What do you think, is this the renovation you want for Arrowhead Stadium? Or should the Chiefs have just built something like Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas or SoFi Stadium in Inglewood?

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