About 2,500 student archers from schools around the state will compete in the state tournament in Branson at the Branson Convention Center, March 23-24.

Who would have ever thought that students would compete in archery in schools across the state?

The Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program helps build stronger, more confident and accomplished kids. It's modeled on the National Archery in the Schools Program, which began with a simple idea - teach kids the basics of archery as a part of school curriculum. Since NASP's beginnings in 2002, millions of kids across the nation have participated in the program.

More than 12,000 student archers around the state have competed so far this winter in local tournaments with the hope of qualifying for one of the 2,500 spots at the state tournament. Student archers, who shoot qualifying scores at the state tournament, will earn spots at the NASP national tournament this spring in Louisville, Ky.

Sladjana Saulic

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