You can learn a lot from infographic maps. You know, those maps that purport to tell us something. For example every state's least favorite state. Or what's every state's Halloween costume. Or the most Googled "Should I" question in each state. So I got a chuckle when the website Parent Influence posted a bunch of these different maps and I ended up down a rabbit hole. So here's what I learned about Missouri, and some of our neighboring states from looking at these infographic maps. Is it accurate, what do you think?

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Missouri hates Kansas, and Kansas hates Missouri. Yet, Illinois doesn't hate Missouri. Illinois hates Indiana. And Arkansas hates Alabama.

The representative Halloween costume for Missourians is that of a "sexy trash person." As opposed to a sexy trashy person. I bet the employees of Republic Services in Missouri are so proud. It's still better than trying to be a "sexy tornado" in Kansas.

The most Googled "Should I" question in Missouri is should I diet. This seems to be a popular question throughout the midwest. The most embarrassing Googled topic for Missouri... vajazzliing. If you don't know what THAT is, well Google it.

Would you be shocked to know that the highest-paid public employees in Missouri are football coaches? Would you be shocked to know that's the predominant answer for most states, except for Indiana and California, where it's basketball coaches?

Missouri's weirdest food is Provel cheese, which is better than Arkansas whose weirdest food is possum pie. Could someone please tell me what a walking taco is and why would I order a hot beef sundae?

The top private employer in Missouri is Walmart. This is also the case in Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Missouri's favorite music is apparently alternative, which strikes me as odd since it seems Country is huge. Of course between the Mizzou students at Columbia, and cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, I suppose that could be the case. Still, I think Country is king for most of the State.

Now get this, even though our favorite music is alternative. Our favorite artist is Jay-Z. But what about our favorite son, Nelly? St. Louis cheers him on more than any other artist. Certainly more than Jay-Z.

The most recognizable brand in Missouri is Budweiser, of course. And in Arkansas it's Walmart. Those make sense. So do Texas and Dr. Pepper. Michigan and General Motors. Coca-Cola and Georgia. But Caterpillar and Illinois? They were a big deal when I lived in Joliet, and they play in Peoria... but in the Quad Cities, that's John Deere country, son. And in Chicago? I couldn't tell you and I grew up there. But it wasn't Caterpillar.

According to a United States map, drawn by a New Yorker, Missouri is actually "the state that might be Nebraska," which is vaguely more or less under Chicago, which is really Illinois and St. Louis. Chicago proper is named New York, Jr., and Kansas is just referenced as "one of the states that has Kansas City."

The doughnut is apparently our favorite breakfast food. The dominant chain coffee shop is Starbucks. Pizza Hut is everywhere. And Lay's Potato Chips are our favorite salty snack. We also apparently hate the last bite of a hot dog.

So there you have it. Did the maps Parent Influence share nail exactly what Missouri is about, or did they miss the mark with stereotypes, lies, and more?

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