I thought I knew how to behave in the store, but apparently other people.... do not. 

This is totally ridiculous, but with grocery store prices the way they are, I can see how some people would think this is worth a shot.

If you only needed HALF a carrot, would you buy a bag of carrots, buy one individual carrot, or grab a carrot in the produce section, snap it in half, and just pay for the weight of that piece of a carrot?  If it were me, I'd try to buy one carrot.  Or maybe a small bag of baby carrots.  Not this person.


There's a video making the rounds of someone taking a snapped-off chunk of a carrot to the self-checkout.  They weigh it, and it comes out to EIGHT CENTS.  Really?

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Some people are saying this is wasteful - because it's very unlikely that someone else would buy the other half.  Others say it's wasteful to buy MORE than you need, if you won't use it.   I guess we're all trying to save money, but, come on.  I think I'm in the wasteful because nobody's gonna buy that sherty nonsense camp.


I suppose companies are noticing, though. Walmart, Target, and other retailers have been dropping prices to bring in more customers.  Maybe they should try this instead.  It obviously works.

A grocery store in Russia got some very bad press this month after 18 customers landed in the hospital with food poisoning linked to their products. So to keep people coming in, the owner announced that if anyone got food poisoning, he'd pay them a million rubles each, or about $11,000.


The strategy worked, and people came back in droves.  But for a weird reason.  They were TRYING to get food poisoning.  One report said customers were even seen LICKING THE EGGS, hoping they were covered in salmonella.  Now the owner has cancelled the whole thing.  He says he'll pay the original 18 people, but only if they prove his products are to blame.

What's the crazies thing you've seen in a grocery store lately?  What about a food library?  Co-op?

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