America's best bathroom might just be here in Sedalia, Missouri. That's some rarified air when you're going against bathrooms in North Hollywood, Austin, Orlando, and Tampa. So where is that Sedalia bathroom located that just might be America's best? Keep reading to find out.

Finding America's best bathroom seems like a silly thing to do. Unless, of course, you're a company that designs and implements full-service restroom programs for businesses. In that case, it's a no-brainer just for the publicity alone. Which is how we wind up with a contest that's picking the best bathroom in America.

Yet, people like to talk about bathrooms. Especially really nice bathrooms. In fact, when I brought up that I was writing about the bathroom in Sedalia that might be America's best, two people actually started raving about the bathroom that's vying for the award.

That bathroom is the bathroom at No.5 Bistro & Bar in the Lamy's Building on Pacific Street in Sedalia. The Best Restroom site says the following about the bathroom at No. 5 Bistro & Bar:

Housed in a restored 55,000 sq. ft. building from the 1800s, No. 5 Bistro & Bar is a lively environment colored by attentive and friendly service. The restaurant’s vibe pays homage to the history that is unique to the Original Plat area of Sedalia and can only truly be found where our city began. The building’s deep history is highlighted in the restroom which is outfitted with the original sinks, exposed brick, and penny floor tiles. Dramatic green subway tile and wall sconces provide a modern touch paired with vintage mirrors. The restroom is a beautiful combination of the building’s historic past blended with the experiential living of the modern twenty-first century.

Unfortunately, I've never had to pop in the loo while browsing the records at Josey's in the Lamy Building so I haven't had the pleasure of checking out the restroom at No.5 Bistro & Bar. But the pictures make it look spectacular. Not to mention, the fact that the bathroom was top of mind to those who have used it that I talked to. That's high praise if you ask me. The only bathroom I actually rave about is the one I used at Buc-ee's near the Texas Motor Speedway outside Dallas. Talk about a clean, busy, bathroom.

Sadly I just learned about this contest today, August 31, which is the last day to vote for the best bathroom in America. So if you want to help the bathroom in Sedalia be the Best Restroom in America, you should vote here now.

Win or lose, No. 5 Bistro and Bar can always claim to have one of the best restrooms in America, right up there with Buc-ee's. Now that's saying something.

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