This study is a DREAM for everyone who was a nerd back in school . . . or was in that "well-liked but wouldn't say 'popular'" zone.Not that I'd know anything about that. And not that I'm looking to see if this is accurate at the end of September when my class reunion comes up.

The University of Virginia found that the cool kids in high school end up having WORSE lives than everyone else.

Researchers spent the past decade monitoring 84 different kids . . . they started when the kids were 13 and checked in with them until they were 23.

And they found that the coolest kids in school were more likely to grow up to have bad adult relationships . . . commit more crimes . . . and develop drug problems.

Their theory is that the cool kids start doing more risky adult things when they're younger . . . like hooking up or drinking.  Over time, they have to keep pushing those things further to stay cool . . . and it drives them down a bad path.

So there you have it. I guess I'm not doing so bad after all!

Educationally yours,

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