What's one of the first things you do when bringing home a new pet from the rescue? Come up with the perfect name, right? Perhaps even picking out your new pet's name before getting the stinkin' cutie home. Well, move over Fido, because I will tell you the most popular dog names in Missouri and Illinois.

A doggy daycare chain called Camp Bow Wow came up with their dog name trends for 2024. From ten to one, these are the most popular dog names in 2024: Sadie, Bailey, Milo, Max, Daisy, Cooper, Lucy, Bella, Charlie, and Luna, at number one.

According to Wikipedia, Luna is a feminine given name of Latin origin, meaning moon. In Roman mythology, Luna was the divine personification of the moon. Charlie is a nickname for Charles, Charlotte, or Charlene. And Bella is another name of Latin, Spanish, and Italian origin. Bella translates to beautiful.

The top three names on the list, Bella, Charlie, and Luna, are all popular dog names across the country, so it makes sense that one is at the top in both Missouri and Illinois. In Missouri, the name Bella comes in at number one. In Illinois, Luna holds the number one spot.

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I know many of you love the name Bella, which is why it's so popular. The rescue group named our first rescue Bella; we changed her name to Elphie. Not to mention that the group's director had a sweet, gentle Great Dane named Bella who lived up to her namesake. Yet, given how popular the name is, I'd have difficulty naming my new dog Bella because it seems there's a Bella on every street.

Charlie's a good name for a dog, especially if he's genuinely man's best friend—the 21st-century version of Old Drum, perhaps? I will say that I'm generally not fond of human-named pets. Sometimes, it works, but other times, not so much. I never thought JJ was a great name for my greyhound; however, after bouncing around a few different homes, we didn't want to rename him again, so we stuck with it.

Luna, Illinois' top dog name, is one I can get behind. It sounds fresh and has a bit of an exotic or international feel. Of course, ask me a few years from now, and I might be as sick of Luna for a dog's name as I am of Bella.

I preferred names like Speedway, Fur Ball, and Elphie to the more traditional names. If I get another greyhound, I might name him Bus. Get it? That's the fun I like to have with pet names.

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