Admittedly, my  name is a bit different.  Well, not the name so much as the spelling.

I have to spell my name constantly, and even so, people still get it wrong.  Or they just don't even try and spell it the traditional way.  Rebehka vs Rebecca, or vs Rebekah, all my life.  That's fine.  It just  means I don't see my name on a popular list of whatever babies are being born that year.  No keychains for me at the amusement park.

But it also meant I had to change my spelling to even play this little game!  It's nothing serious, just for funsies.  It is kinda neat though, here's how it works. Time Magazine has this feature on their website where you can enter in your name, year you were born, etc. Just first names, no breaches of security  ner nothin.  Then, it determines where you name is on the list of popular names for this year, and compares the two.  For example, the year I was born - 1979 - my name (or the common spelling of it that is) was the 17th most popular girl name.  So it compared my name with the 17th most popular name this year, Sofia.  So, if I was born today, I might have been born Sofia!

Turns out they also compare the name popularity all the way back to 1880.  So I could have been Ella in 1880.  My 1920's name is Shirley. My 2010 name is Avery.  That makes sense, I'm such an Ella Shirley Avery kinda gal.  Anyways, it's fun to see what names were popular back in the day as opposed to now.  Ella isn't an odd name to hear even nowadays, so I guess names like that stay popular over the years.

You can see what your today name would be here.

Namingly yours,

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