All my life, I've been spelling my name to people.  For some reason, nobody seems to spell it like my Mom decided to. But at least my name SOUNDS like a name, instead of, like, "Chair".  It seems like fewer and fewer parents are cool with giving their baby a traditional name . . . they want one that's UNIQUE. And what better way to find a unique name than to pick any random English word and call it a name?

The website analyzed data from the Social Security Administration to find a bunch of "real word names" that at least five parents used last year. Here are the 10 most AWKWARD . . .

1. Alias.

2. Awesome.

3. Boss.

4. Couture.

5. Eliminate.

6. Gamble.

7. Halo.

8. Harsh.

9. Kindle.

10. Sativa . . . which is a type of marijuana.

Well, there you have it.  I will never have child of my own, just my decision, but maybe if I get a dog someday I'll name him Harsh.  Who knows.

Have you ever heard a name that just made you go, "Huh"?  Or a name that you've heard that made you think, "Wow, why didn't I think of that?"

Namingly yours,

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