A lot of people come to the Missouri State Fair for a host of different reasons. Some come for the food, some come for the exhibits, some come for the rides, the concerts... and some people come for competition.  But do some people come.... for EVIL?

Maybe, maybe not.  I like to think most people out there are good, but... everyone has their faults and weaknesses.  Case in point, the story of Snappy the Chicken.  This is a story with a happy ending, fear not, but for a while it was a pretty emotional ride. Snappy is an Old English Game Silver Duckwing Bantam (note, I don't know what that means, but... that's what she is).  She is basically a miracle chicken that was the only one to survive from her parents.  She was raised by a teenage girl named Jessa, who loved her just to bits and back.  Over the years, Snappy actually became quite the champion - she earned 1st in her classes, Champion Bantam and Champion Poultry of the show in Adair county and Reserve Champion in Regional Fair.  So coming to the Missouri State Fair meant Snappy just might be a winner.

BUT.  Something insane happened just last Monday - Snappy was missing! The family looked all over and asked everyone in the Poultry Barns, and even competitors that had already gone home.  Snappy was just... gone.  Obviously Jessa and her family were heartbroken.  I mean, sure, a winning competition animal might be worth money, but... Snappy was family.  They desperately wanted Snappy back home.  So, they turned to social media, and comments came in flying with suggestions, names, and general support.
Now it took a week, and we're still not sure entirely what happened, but I can tell you the good news - Snappy is back home.  Now here comes the mystery - what happened to Snappy?  Was Snappy taken by mistake, or... is someone a Poultry Pilferer?  I guess the important part is that Snappy and Jessa are reunited and back home.  I will update you guys once we find out what happened.....but I hope it was an honest mistake.

Mysteriously yours,

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