Admittedly, I wouldn't have done it anyway.  At most, I'd hire someone else to do it for me. That's pure laziness talking. 

But, turns out, not raking your leaves is the better choice for the environment. According to the National Wildlife Federation, you should leave your... leaves. Why? The reasons actually make sense when they explain it to you.

1.  Lots of wildlife live in or depend on leaves.

Salamanders, chipmunks, box turtles, toads, shrews, earthworms, insects, alot of different creatures depend on leaves for either food for for shelter.

2.  Butterflies and Moths use leaves to make next year's generation.

The leaves are places for butterflies and caterpillars to grow their pupae (a very sciency word).  And then, the butterflies and caterpillars grow into food for the birds, and they also help pollinate flowers and plants.  So when you rake up the leaves, you're making the butterfly population decrease.

3.  The leaves create a natural mulch.

Apparently the leaves breaking down is better for your grass and soil as a fertilizer. Maybe that's why my grass sucks.

The  NWF says if you HAVE to get rid of the leaves, compost them to reuse in your lawn by putting them in a big trash can, and then shred them with a weed wacker. They also discourage you from using a leaf blower, and suggest that you use a rake instead.

So there you have it.  My laziness is finally justified!  LAZINESS IS BETTER FOR NATURE, YOU GUYS.  Although I might have to get rid of Some of the leaves, we have two big trees in our front yard, and the leaves can get a little crazy going downstairs to the basement.  Can't they just automatically go where they need to go? That's your home.  Go where the butterflies need you, not in my gutters.

Leafily yours,


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