Sometimes I have a hankerin' for history.  You know how it goes. Husbando and I both love the History Channel, and learning about stuff from ages ago is often interesting to me. I've written about Sedalia and Missouri history before, admittedly kind of dumbing it down so I can understand it.

We all know the Native Americans were here first, but others started coming with all the old stories we've been told about Columbus and the likes (not always true stories, but we were told them). In this case, there were groups called the Mississippi Culture on the other side of the river, but not where St Genevieve was started. The Osage hunted in the area from time to time but it was pretty much uninhabited for a couple of hundred years before the settlers came in.

So when it start to happen in Missouri?

From what Google can tell me, the first city founded in Missouri came about either in 1735 or 1740.  And it's still around, though tiny.  St Genevieve has a little over 4,000 people in it at present. It started out with some people who were originally from French Canada who also made some stops in Illinois.  St Genevieve is on the East side of Missouri, kind of out of the St Louis area.

I wonder what it was like back then. I bet life was fine for them, but for me it would be AWFUL.  Living in a one room cabin with all your family, soot everywhere, making your own clothes, and I can't even imagine the physical labor.  I am so spoiled by our technology today.  I get mad if the Wi Fi isn't up to snuff, can you imagine me back in the day?!

On the other hand though, that's not that long ago in perspective.  Not quite three hundred years. If you look at some European cities or even some Asian cities that have been around for thousands of years... three hundred isn't that much.  I guess we're the young whippersnappers of the world.

Now that I've learned a little something, it's probably time for me to do or say something stupid. It's in my nature, after all.

What's something you've learned about Missouri History that  you want to share with the class? Or just maybe a Missouri Fun Fact?  Let me know, let's learn together.

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