Guys, I know that we all have our preferences when it comes to smells. We like our car, our house, our hair, our bodies to smell a certain way.  Well, at least most of us do.  Either we have a certain soap we like to use, or a cologne or perfume we prefer.   And some people can't stand any kind of artificial smells at all.

Me personally, I want my world to smell like wood and roses.  My candles and my air fresheners are wood scented.  Although I do have a few things that smell like roses.  My perfume is more rose scented, although my soap smells like "Grain", which, you know is again, wood.  My shampoo smells a bit like cake, but, hey.  It is what it is.  Overall I guess I like things to smell like  a rose bush by the woods.

For me, as long as its not too strong, I don't mind what people smell like.  Well.  As long as they're clean.  If someone you work with has that "I haven't showered this week" smell, well, that's just not good.  And if they don't drown themselves in say, Axe Body Spray, I'm okay with that too.

But now, now you have options you didn't even know about! Ever wanted to smell like  Kitten Fur? New Baby? Slime? Dots candy (If you want to get specific, Tropical flavored Dots)? The country of Cuba?  YOU GET A BOTTLE, YOU GET A BOTTLE, YOU GET A BOTTLE!

Yes, if you want to smell like Kitten Fur, you can indeed do that on this very day.  Now I know you're looking back at that and asking, "Okay, but... why? And what does a cologne that wants to be Cuba smell like anyway?"

So close to America, yet so far away and exotic to most Americans – that contradiction made Cuba a perfect subject for the initial Destination Collection.  And exotic is the perfect starting point for this fragrance. We focused on the rich, vibrant nightlife of Havana, warm, inviting and sensual, with lush notes of tobacco leaves, green sugar cane and Latin spices.

Okay, color me skeptical.  But, hey, if you wanna smell like candy or countries or animals, I'm all for it, as long you don't burn my eyes by drowning in said fragrance every day.

I am kinda curious about New Baby, though. I mean, New Baby is a truly unique smell that is meant to be one of the best things ever.  Wouldn't that be super confusing if a full grown adult named Daryl from Analytics smelled like your brother's three month old? Or would that be part of the appeal?

What are some of your favorite smells when it comes to soaps, shampoos, detergents, or perfumes?  Do you avoid anything scented? Do you stay on a theme like I do, or do you  mix it up?

Smellingly yours,

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