If you're like me, you kind of feel bad about buying things for yourself. It just seems like there are so many other things you have to do or have to take care of or what have you, and that kind of stuff just slips through the cracks.

So I don't spend a lot on clothes or shoes or jewelry or vacations or any of that.  I can barely justify spending 11.99 a month on Netflix, and I won't treat myself yet to allowing myself to spend another 8 or so on Hulu Plus for my Wii.

But, one thing I will plunk a little money on from time to time is perfume. I discovered this Givenchy perfume a few years ago and I have used it almost exclusively since.


But yeah, it's pricey. So pricey that I usually end up getting myself a gift box at Christmas with the bottle, the lotion, and a smaller bottle. I was used to paying maybe thirty dollars a bottle for something from the drugstore, you know, like Vanilla Fields or if you were my Mom, White Shoulders.

But, I have let myself spend...... about $75 bucks a bottle on this stuff. And admittedly, I do enjoy smelling like pretty pretty roses.

But Now, I may be conflicted.


I found this stuff recently in a sample packet (you know, when you buy some perfume they almost always give you little samples along with it of other types you might like).


And this stuff also smells like pretty roses, and has a nice pretty bottle, but it is a much SMALLER bottle for about the same price as my regular stuff. I let myself splurge a little... and now I will again smell like something out of a rose garden. Only now, I will have to choose........... Givenchy or Vera Wang? Do I alternate days or weeks? Do I wear one every day and then another for special occasions? Will it throw off my normal, you know, scent to switch it up?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't think I overdo it. I do that old trick my Grandmother taught me, where you spray once into the air right in front of you and then walk into it? And sometimes I'll put like, a dab on my wrists or behind my ears. I know that some people have problems with perfumes, and I don't want to give anyone a headache.

But,....which one?


Ladies, what do you do? Do you use perfumes or scented lotions? Do you have a favorite? Do you have a "special occasion" perfume? Are there certain ones you hate? How much will you spend on your special treat?

Fellas, I know you sometimes like cologne too. Same goes for you. What do you do? And, while we're at it, guys, tell me what you do and don't like in terms of Ladies and their perfumes.

Sniffily yours,

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