For many folks, the Missouri State Fair is the event of the summer for both Sedalia area residents, and those from other parts of Missouri and the Midwest. Some stay in our hotels. Others camp on the fairgrounds. Some probably stay with family and friends. But what about staying at an area Airbnb rental?

I found four places in Sedalia on the first page of listings. Two could host up to four people. And two could host up to six people. When I looked for a place that could accommodate eight people, my search returned nothing for Sedalia.

I didn't put any parameters in my search other than the number of people staying and I was looking near Sedalia, Missouri, so it returned up to 240 rentals that included places in Knob Noster, Warrensburg, Marshall, Windsor, Cole Camp, and Lake of the Ozarks.

While I think a lot of these places might fit the bill for someone exploring the area, they might not be super convenient for those who primarily are coming to the area for the Missouri State Fair. I think if my primary purpose of a visit to the town is to hit the fair on multiple days, I might not want to drive in from Marshall or Warrensburg, or Knob Noster every day.

Focusing on Airbnb's map function, there are really only five Airbnb hosts in Sedalia proper. So my advice, if you're thinking of having family or friends stay at an Airbnb in town during the fair, book it now. Or they might end up having to stay in one of the nearby towns I mentioned.

I liked four out of the five Airbnb listings for Sedalia. I'd consider booking family members who wanted an Airbnb experience in any of the four of them. One home, however, stood out to me more than the others. I could see two small families, or one larger family, calling this Airbnb home during the Missouri State Fair.

It's a brand new home on a quiet cul de sac just off of Highway 65 here in Sedalia. It sleeps six in two bedrooms with one queen size bed in each bedroom and a pull-out sofa bed. Rental for the entirety of the state fair is listed at just over $2,800, as of January 9.

When I looked at the listing it just spoke to me. I could see friends and family hanging out in this home, making memories together during the time they aren't out making memories at the fair. Keep on reading to see some pictures of the home and some of my thoughts about it.

You Can Rent This Airbnb in Sedalia for the State Fair

Lots of people come to Sedalia for the Missouri State Fair. Some like to camp on the fairgrounds. Others check in to one of our local hotels. But what about Airbnb accommodations? There are many in the area if you don't mind driving in from Knob Noster, Warrensburg, or other towns. However, choices close to the fair in Sedalia are limited. This nice little home sleeps up to six and as of January 2022 is available for the entire Missouri State Fair for just over $2,800.00. You can learn more about this air b n b rental here.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

Our Photos of Union Pacific's Big Boy 4014 in Sedalia

One thing many Sedalian's know is Randy Kirby, aside from being the voice of KSIS radio news, is also a really great photographer. While out covering Big Boy 4014's appearance in Sedalia on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, he took some excellent photos of the event and we're sharing them with you here. Thank you, Randy. - Rob Creighton, Townsqaure Media Sedalia/Warrensburg

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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