With Halloween showing up this week, will kids young and old will benefit more from this year's night of ghosts and goblins?

According to delish.com, the output of candy increased a couple of years ago at approximately 5%. This has to excite children whom will don scary masks and trek through the evening trying to increase their bounty with every knock of a door or ring of a doorbell. It will even make every sweet-toothed parent a little happier, too. With an increase of the kid's candy, mom and dad will also have more to choose. Even though there will be more candy given out this year overall, there will be a drop in the number of households participating.

So get the costumes ready, go over the rules of safety while the kiddos are out in the neighborhood, and load up the sweets for a fun night of "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" on October 31.

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