If you're a family of Swifties then Sedalia Parks & Rec has your groove! Literally.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation announced a night of Taylor Swift magic at Convention Hall in Liberty Park on the evening of Saturday night, June 15. Families can dance the night away to all her hits at Parks & Rec's Taylor Swift Eras Dance.

The Taylor Siwft Eras Dance is open to all ages and families and is scheduled from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (no Midnights) so it's great for those families with some young ones who maybe have a little bit of an early bedtime.

Parks & Rec hopes you will show off your Taylor Swift style from any of her eras and wants you to hit the dance floor with your family and shake it off. It doesn't matter if you dress like Taylor did during her red era or choose to show up more casually as Taylor dressed on the cover of "Reputation".

The cost of attending the family dance is $25 per family, up to five people. Each additional person after that is $15. Participants must register by Monday, June 10, to guarantee their spot. Additionally, Sedalia Parks & Rec mentions something about friendship bracelets and snacks in addition to the music and dancing.

So Mom and Dad, get the family signed up now on the Sedalia Parks website so there won't be any bad blood and it won't be such a cruel summer.

If you have some Swifties in your family this is a must-do activity. Why? Because in a puff of lavender haze, your kids will be all grown up and maybe going to that Taylor Swift dance will be one of your or their fond memories.

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