Peeps, I don't know about you, but music was always a thing for me growing up. 
I started really getting into playing music in the fifth grade. I was given and old violin and told to make the best of it.  It had been bought for my mother by my grandmother, my sister had given it a go, and now it was my turn.


I joined the orchestra in after school practices at Horace Mann elementary in fifth grade.  Of course, there were a TON of us in those practices.  I think it helped kids decide how they wanted to be involved in music in school without the commitment of a class.  You know, some kids wanted to just dip their toes in, and then if you liked it, you'd decide between chorus, band, and orchestra.

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Most people did not choose Orchestra. I remember being surprised going to class in sixth grade and only seeing maybe... twenty of us?  There had been over fifty before!


Anyway.  From then on, I played the violin.  Gwen Kappelman taught me in that first program.  By the time I was in my junior and senior year of high school I was in the top three chairs, and I kept playing for a bit in college.

But, I did let it go in college, after a particularly embarrassing incident in class. I have to admit, I haven't seriously touched it since.  Every now and then I pull it out and mess with it, but I haven't done anything too concentrated since then.  I also wonder from time to time if I should pick up again for real.


Now, if you did band in school and think you might want to step back in without a lot of commitment... I have an idea for you. Have you thought about joining the Summer Concert Band?

Our first Sedalia Community rehearsal is Monday. If you are interested but have not signed up yet, the link is below. You do not have to sign up in advance, so feel free to show up regardless. I'm really excited for our new season. Our first concert, June 20, will be a children's concert. I've picked some music that I hope is fun and the kids will enjoy.

So yes, the first rehearsal is tonight, sorry.  It's going to be this evening, and I'm sure if you reach out, they can help.  In fact, you can email the director at and you can check out their Facebook page here.

Concertly yours,

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