I have a lot of memories of softball when I was young. 

Now don't get it twisted. I was never good at softball or baseball or anything like that. I wasn't, like, painfully bad, but I wasn't good either.  Like, if the ball came to me in gym class, everyone would be surprised if I caught it. You know what I mean?  Right.

My Mom, though, loved playing softball. She played a few different positions, and I remember her being really good at shortstop.  But I also remember lots of afternoons at practices where I was bored out of my gourd (because I was a kid).  There were always a ton of adults around, in a very 80's way.  I know that sounds silly, so let me paint the picture.  You'll know what I mean.

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Like, the kind of people who have a separate little clutch like bag for their cigarettes.  People who carry around their own Tupperware cup all the time.  Or the adults who don't let the kids sip on their "soda" because it's really a lukewarm Natty Light in a coozie for a long gone business.

So, I know softball can be huge for a lot of people.  Which brings me to telling you about this upcoming softball tournament.  But this one is a little different - because it's going to be a total Lionel Richie moment.


So, what am I talking about?  Let's get the deets.

Join us for the annual Adult Softball Dusk till Dawn Tournament on Saturday, July 20th! Get ready for a marathon of softball action as games kick off at 6:00 PM and continue throughout the night.  Gather your team and register now to secure your spot in the lineup! It's $250 per team, and players must be ages 16 and up. Register online at www.sedaliaparks.com or give us a call at 660-826-4930. Don't miss your chance to be part of this thrilling tournament!

You know this is going to be a blast.  Get the team together and get signed up.

Maybe don't bring any Natty, though.

Softballingly yours,

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