I mean, come on. You do Halloween playlists, Christmas playlists, birthday playlists, even 4th of July playlists. Why not a Thanksgiving one?

Well, lucky for you guys, I'm weird and a have a really good memory when it comes to useless information. So I've got several great songs you can add to the Thanksgiving playlist. Perfect for covering up the scraping noises from forks on plates. Or, perfect to crank up when one of your extended relatives decides to talk about politics.

Now I know what you're thinking - "but he's not talking about the actual vegetable". Does it matter? I bet anybody under the age of five at your dinner would love the chance to do a little dancey dance. And, it's something the Grandparents can teach them!

You might not remember who the artist is, but... you know you know the song.  And it's a classic, definitely. You could sneak this one in for Turkey Day, even though a lot of people associate it with Christmas.

'Nuff said, really. I dare you not to sing it when you're, you know, working on your turkey.

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Maybe this one will help encourage the youngin's to actually EAT their peas?

I HAD TO. After all, most everything you make is going to involve SOME kind of butter, right? Even if you're, like, vegetarian you use vegan butter or something. I personally am quite thankful for World Wide Handsome (205 days left!). And, there's a holiday version, if you prefer.

I mean, you WILL feel better when you tell me the name of your favorite veggie-table. You just will.  I don't make the rules.

And, well, that one was just for me.

What are some of the songs, shows, movies, or books that put you in the Thanksgiving mood?

Thankfully yours,

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