I saw this on TV the other day, and Husbando's eyes just lit up.I told him that it had been suggested as a possible "try it" blog post, and he so graciously said, and I quote, "I will happily try it with you.  Not just because of Cheetos and KFC, but..... for the readers."

Such a sacrifice, right?

Honestly though, I'm a little nervous about trying this thing. It just seems like this should be.... gross.  I mean, I like cheese, and I like chicken, but sometimes these things can just go WRONG.  And, in the commercials, it looks huge.  And I know commercials exaggerate that kind of stuff all the time, but you never know with KFC.  And I'm just not a fan of food that's too big for my mouth.  It's like a waste, if you can't get a perfect bite, right?


Okay, so this looks doable.  It's not too big, not too little.


Oh, so it's not just Cheetos on a chicken sandwich, there's actual... Cheeto cheese?  It looks like just Cheeto dust.  It's that same neon orange.  You know that's gonna get all over my fingers.   But I do see there are Cheetos on the bottom.  That's madness.  Anyone that puts chips on their sammiches knows you put the chips on top.

Anyway.  To the actual sammitch! You know, this is unexpected.  I thought it was gonna be a greasy, slimy mess.  I thought the Cheetos were gonna be mushy.   This is none of those things. The chicken is nice and crispy on the outside but not dry inside.  The Cheetos are crunchy, and the contrast to the chicken is nice.  Although I was wondering at one point if I was getting the Cheeto flavor from the Cheeto or the chicken, so I had a bite without a Cheeto.  And yep, that's the Cheeto flavor, alright.  There's what I'm assuming is mayo on there, and that's helping keep the Cheetos from coming out all over.  The bun is nice and a little toasty.  It holds up to the chicken/chips pretty well.  It only started to fall apart a little towards the end.

Overall, this was a pretty dang decent sammitch.  I ate almost all of it (which is a lot for me these days).  It was a little pricey (two for about ten bucks) but that's expected since it's one of those novelty things. Heck, I wouldn't eat it every day, but I'd have it again.  It was everything I thought it wouldn't be with my pessimistic attitude.

Have you tried the KFC Cheeto Chicken?  Would you want to?  If you did, what did you think?

Cheetoingly yours,

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