I've been an avid viewer of the Reelz television show "On Patrol: Live", hosted by Dan Abrams, which follows several police departments on Friday and Saturday nights offering viewers a virtual ride-along experience with police officers. Each episode features some segments like the Crime of the Week and a Most Wanted segment. This week's wanted segment was notable for two reasons. The person wanted was a child sex trafficker from Franklin County Missouri. Not to mention, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was the agency talking about the case. That's not something I think I've not seen before during "On Patrol: Live".

Donald Eugene Fields II, according to the FBI, is wanted for the alleged sex trafficking of at least one child in Missouri between 2013-2017.

Fields Mugshot (United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of Missouri)
Fields Mugshot (United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of Missouri)

According to the United States Attorney's Office in The Eastern District of Missouri Fields and his co-defendant Theodore “Ted” John Sartori Sr. are accused of "Knowingly attempting to recruit, entice, provide, patronize and solicit a minor into engaging in a commercial sex act." Santori was arrested last week and pled not guilty to the same charge last week.

In a court hearing last week Assistant U.S. Attorney Dianna Collins accused Santori of providing Fields with cash, cars, motorcycles, vacations, and Christmas presents in exchange for access to the victim. This is according to the U.S. Attorney's Office Press Release.

"On Patrol: Live" screen grab
"On Patrol: Live" screen grab

Jay Greenburg, FBI Special Agent In Charge, joined the show and said he was thankful for the opportunity to appear on the show because Fields has been known to have and use firearms in the past. He is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Greenburg told "On Patrol: Live" Fields is known to spend time in Franklin and Phelps counties in Missouri and has been known to visit St. Louis area casinos. Greenburg also told the show Fields has family in Kentucky and has been known to travel to Florida, so he could also be in either of those places or anywhere in between.

Greenburg mentioned that the feds started investing Fields after he failed to show up in Franklin County Circuit Court to answer charges that include statutory rape, statutory sodomy, child molestation, and witness tampering. Greenburg told "On Patrol: Live" Fields is facing 10 years to Life on federal charges, and that state and county charges will probably be added after he is captured.

If you have any information regarding Field's whereabouts please contact the FBI at 1-800-Call-FBI (1-800-225-5324). You can watch the wanted segment featuring Fields on the "On Patrol: Live" Facebook page here. "On Patrol: Live" airs on the Reelz channel Friday and Saturday evenings from 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM. It's channel 853 on Spectrum, and available from many streaming services.

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